Bloodline by Gerry Boyle

Taking refuge after the tumultuous events of Deadline in the forgotten town of Prosperity, Maine, Jack McMorrow and his girlfriend Roxanne hope for a quiet life. But one of Jack’s first freelance stories, about a teenage girl who gives up a child for adoption, runs amok when Missy Hewitt decides she wants her baby back—a decision that could prove fatal.

Ebook and Print 2015

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Hoping for a fresh start and a clean slate, McMorrow has a new home 
in the cheerful-sounding town of 
Prosperity, Maine. But nothing ever 
goes easy for Jack, so when a freelance gig leads him to a teen mother and some high school hooligans, it’s not child’s play. A girl is murdered 
and Jack’s investigation places him 
squarely in the killer’s sights. -Islandport Press

Publisher’s Weekly
“Boyle deftly establishes mood and setting, clearly defines his characters and offers lots of reflection from Jack, whose subdued first-person narration gives this solid mystery an intimate, small-town air.”

Library Journal
“Boyle writes evocatively of rural life in all of its manifestations and, along with his very real characterizations and sly, subtle humor, offers readers much more than simply a good story. Robert B. Parker enthusiasts will welcome the advent of Jack McMorrow.”

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