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Why did Jack McMorrow leave the New York Times for the Maine woods? Jack has offered different explanations. This is the real story, revealed as McMorrow returns to New York City to help his old friend, homicide detective Butch Casey. Jack dodges the bullet of a former lover but soon is entangled in a plot that may keep him in a New York jail forever.

E-book and Print, March 2015

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Who killed the mayor of New York City?

It’s the story of a lifetime, a story every reporter dreams of writing-the cover story. And seasoned reporter Jack McMorrow is the perfect man for the job. That is, until he becomes a suspect. -Amazon Editorial Review

Publisher’s Weekly
“As the story pushes forward, [Boyle] fashions a powerful study of New York City—of its glamour, of the tawdry hopelessness of so many who live there, and of the power-mad honchos who feed on them.”

Library Journal
“Boyle offers potential movie material here: murder, intrigue, frantic chases, confrontations, ambitious women (and men), and hidden agendas—all told with crisp tension.”

“[This] may be the one that puts him on the bestseller lists.”

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Like many crime novelists, Gerry Boyle began his writing career in newspapers—a place he calls the best training ground ever. After attending Colby College, he knocked around at various jobs, including stints as a roofer, a postman, and a manuscript reader at a big New York publisher. He began his newspaper career in the paper mill town of Rumford, Maine. There was a lot of small-town crime in Rumford and Gerry would later mine his Rumford time for his first novel, Deadline. After a few months he moved on to the Morning Sentinel in Waterville, where editors gave him a thrice-weekly column. He wrote about the stuff he saw in police stations, courtrooms, and in the towns and cities of Maine. All the while he was also typing away on a Smith-Corona electric typewriter, writing Deadline which came out in 1993. Since Deadline, he has written eight additional Jack McMorrow stories with a 10th, Once Burned, scheduled for release in 2015. Read more at: