Damaged Goods

“Boyle's intense, suspense-filled [ninth] book to feature freelance journalist Jack McMorrow nicely captures the mood of rural Maine, where violence seethes beneath the placid surface of rock-strewn woods and decrepit small towns.”—Publishers Weekly

Sultry beauty Mandi appears in the small seaside town of Galway, Maine, and promptly advertises her services as an escort. Jack McMorrow sees a potential story and rings her up. It’s a fateful decision as Mandi proves mysterious and beguiling. When she’s injured by a client, Jack comes to her rescue. But who is Mandi really? The answer could cost McMorrow his life.

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Ex-NY Times reporter McMorrow is happy in Maine, until one day his social worker wife Roxanne returns home shaken by a confrontation with the father of neglected children she removed. Into their lives comes the mysterious young woman, Mandi, and a world of trouble. As the dangers converge, it will take a heroic act to save Jack, Roxanne, and daughter Caitlin. But who will put their life on the line when the moment comes? -Amazon Editorial Review

Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review:
“Robert Parker fans who have yet to discover Boyle will be pleasantly surprised by his suspenseful ninth crime novel set in Maine featuring former New York Times reporter Jack McMorrow (after 2004’s Home Body). Jack, his social worker wife, Roxanne, and their young daughter, Sophie, become the target of deranged satanist Harland Wilton after Roxanne’s inquiry into child abuse leads to the removal of Harland’s two boys from his custody. Meanwhile, McMorrow pursues a story involving an enigmatic woman named Mandi, whose ad in the local paper offers companionship for hire. The journalist becomes increasingly curious about her, and having traced where she lives, he finds that she’s been assaulted and unable to fend for herself. McMorrow arranges a safe haven for Mandi with a neighbor, even as Roxanne’s qualms grow about his blurring his professional and personal lives. Boyle has succeeded in creating a likable lead whose sense of responsibility is reminiscent of Spenser as well as supporting characters with depth.”

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