Home Body

“Boyle’s intense, suspense-filled eighth book..” -Publisher’s Weekly

Rocky isn’t cut out for life on the streets. But the skinny 14-year-old is out there, running from beatdowns from the other homeless kids in Bangor, Maine. In Jack McMorrow he finds a protector but who will protect Jack from the world Rocky has fled? It’s a shadowy place of bullies and exploiters, where life is cheap everyone is in the line of fire.

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A runaway teen breaks into reporter Jack McMorrow’s isolated cabin looking for safe haven, only to vanish when his parents come looking for him. His trail leads Jack straight into the heart of a world where truth is only a lie well told. -Amazon

Publisher’s Weekly Review
“Boyle’s intense, suspense-filled eighth book (after 2003’s Pretty Dead) to feature freelance journalist Jack McMorrow nicely captures the mood of rural Maine, where violence seethes beneath the placid surface of rock-strewn woods and decrepit small towns.”

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