Lifeline by Gerry Boyle

Donna Marchant just wanted some help—namely protection from her vicious abusive boyfriend. But when the judge and prosecutor turn a deaf ear, it’s Jack McMorrow who steps up. Jack and his ex-Marine friend Clair Varney mete out some serious punishment but will it be enough to keep Donna and her daughter Adrianna from harm?

E-book and Print, March 2014

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“The tendency toward mayhem that goes along with life with Jack McMorrow sends his girlfriend Roxanne to the relatively stable urban center of Portland, leaving Jack with a sore heart and an ultimatum in the wilds of Maine. In an effort to clean up his act, Jack takes a job as a courthouse reporter for the Kennebec Observer. What seems like the safe choice turns out to be anything but when Jack is drawn into a domestic abuse case that leaves a woman dead and McMorrow tangled in a messy web of innuendo, conflicted emotions, and mortal danger. It s time for Jack to grow up, but can he do it? Is it his destiny to follow his subjects into a life of rancor and violence, or will be be able to escape the call of his darker side and find some measure of peace? Only the future knows. This gorgeous re-release brings new life to this, the third installment of the wildly popular Jack McMorrow series and introduces Gerry Boyle to a brand new generation of readers.” – Amazon Editorial Review

Publisher’s Weekly
“Boyle, a Maine newspaper writer himself, makes McMorrow a credible crusader, equally comfortable in the quiet woods and small-town courthouses. The narrative moves briskly as McMorrow eliminates several suspects on his way to a surprise solution.”

“The first two McMorrow books were good; this one is even better. After some early tentativeness, author Boyle has found McMorrow’s voice; it is only a matter time until he finds his audience. Expect the battle-weary reporter to become an old friend to his loyal readers much as Spenser or Dave Robicheaux have become with theirs.”

The New York Times Book Review
“His style is poised and pointed when he is writing about the barren lives of the hopeless cases who rattle in and out of court.” -Marilyn Stasio

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