Port City Black and White by Gerry Boyle

Port City Black and White

“Gripping..” -Publisher's Weekly

Rookie cop Brandon Blake is called to a report of a missing child. Drug addict Chantelle can’t find her baby and Blake comes down on her hard—and sets out to find the child himself. The search uncovers everything but the baby boy, as the trail leads into the lives of Chantelle and her neighbors—bikers, new immigrants, longtimers. Brandon’s obsession could cost him his relationship with writer Mia, and even his life.

Print, 2011

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“Brandon Blake, the tough and resourceful kid from the Portland waterfront, has made it. He’s been hired by the Portland Police Department, partly as payback for stopping a vicious cop killer in PORT CITY SHAKEDOWN. But the newest rookie on the night shift isn’t pulling any punches. And when a drug-addled mom can’t find her baby, Blake—whose mother left him and was killed when he was a toddler—comes down on her hard. Except the baby really is gone. Meanwhile, Blake’s girlfriend, aspiring writer Mia, sees Brandon drifting into the world of cops and crime and leaving her behind. Brandon’s relentless search for the child brings a load of trouble down on him, threatens his career, his life, his relationship. Will he end up alone on his old cabin cruiser Bay Witch? Or worse?” -Amazon Editorial Review

The Bollard Review
“Boyle’s writing has the clipped, punchy pace of high-caliber crime-thrillers…”

Publisher’s Weekly
“Gripping … Boyle’s assured writing and non-cookie-cutter lead are big pluses and portend well for future entries.”

Foreward Reviews
“Gerry Boyle’s novel is propelled by crisp, realistic dialogue and vivid but sparse description.”

Mysterious Reviews
“Port City Black and White is a riveting character study.”

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