Potshot by Gerry Boyle

When Jack McMorrow meets marijuana advocate Bobby Mullaney he sees a good story to sell to the Boston Globe. But once he enters Bobby’s lair in the wilds of western Maine, Jack is entrapped in a world of drugs, deceit, and death. Who is Bobby really? Who is his frightening and silent friend Coyote? Should Jack back away while he has the chance? Soon there is no way out but by finding the truth.

E-book and Print, March 2014

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“Predicting the days of marijuana-legalization, this, the fourth McMorrow story, delves deep into backwoods growing and drug-dealing and the damage it can do when big, urban traffickers enter the picture. Jack alternates between the back-to-landers living communally on the outskirts of Florence, Maine, and confrontations with urban gangsters moving in on the product and the people who Jack s come to know. Library Journal says, Along with snappy dialog that propels the story, Boyle presents an ensemble of likable characters. A sure thing for anyone who has enjoyed Robert Parker s Spenser. Cronies at a county fair, an assassination attempt, and hostages are only a few of the challenges McMorrow has to face in this fast-paced addition to the McMorrow legacy, re-released for a new audience and featuring a new introduction from the author.” -Amazon Editorial Review

Library Journal
“Along with snappy dialog that propels the story, Boyle presents an ensemble of likable characters. A sure thing for anyone who has enjoyed Robert Parker’s Spenser novels.”—Library Journal

“Author Gerry Boyle is a Maine journalist, and he knows his patch. His central Maine falls somewhere between the stereotype of laconic Yankees saying, “Ayuh” and fanciful mean streets in the woods. Potshot is the fourth installment in the McMorrow series, which deserves much wider recognition than it has yet received. Spread the word.”

The New York Times Book Review
“Now and then, even the best regional authors get a little maudlin about the beauty of their backyards. Not Gerry Boyle. His series hero, a journalist named Jack McMorrow, who traded his urban crawl space for a cabin in the Maine wilderness, is too honest an observer to sentimentalize rural life.” -Marilyn Stasio

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Like many crime novelists, Gerry Boyle began his writing career in newspapers—a place he calls the best training ground ever. After attending Colby College, he knocked around at various jobs, including stints as a roofer, a postman, and a manuscript reader at a big New York publisher. He began his newspaper career in the paper mill town of Rumford, Maine. There was a lot of small-town crime in Rumford and Gerry would later mine his Rumford time for his first novel, Deadline. After a few months he moved on to the Morning Sentinel in Waterville, where editors gave him a thrice-weekly column. He wrote about the stuff he saw in police stations, courtrooms, and in the towns and cities of Maine. All the while he was also typing away on a Smith-Corona electric typewriter, writing Deadline which came out in 1993. Since Deadline, he has written eight additional Jack McMorrow stories with a 10th, Once Burned, scheduled for release in 2015. Read more at: http://www.islandportpress.com/gerry-boyle.html