Pretty Dead

“Boyle is at the top of his form in his riveting seventh novel..” -Publisher’s Weekly

When Boston bluebloods—and Maine coast summer residents—David and Maddie Connelly are accused of child abuse, Jack McMorrow sees a blockbuster story. But as he investigates Jack uncovers more than one misdeed. The trail leads to a missing Irish nanny, a shady foundation, and some Boston bad guys who are as lethal as they are colorful.

E-book and Print, March 2016

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Jack McMorrow is looking into a scandal that’s shaking the reputation of an elite Boston couple. Angel Moretti, a family friend, has an angle no one else has. But when her secrets are buried–along with her body–in an isolated stretch of woods, Jack’s story becomes a front-page headline. And it’s leading him to places far darker than Angel’s shallow grave. -Amazon

Publisher’s Weekly Review
“Boyle is at the top of his form in his riveting seventh novel. … This whodunit is sure to win many new fans for Boyle.”

Boyle deftly illustrates the nearly irresistible pull that wealth and power can have on us all, even as he keeps the conflicted Jack hard on the case.”

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