Brandon Blake, loud and clear


I figured the first Brandon Blake series audio books would be perfect for the audio book lover in your life. So we’re giving away three free copies of each of the first two titles—PORT CITY SHAKEDOWN and PORT CITY BLACK AND WHITE. 

All you have to do is answer the following question, fire us an email at with that correct answer, and you win. The first six correct entries will be rewarded with free downloads. You or a fortunate friend can listen to the production at your leisure.

So here’s the question: what is the name of Brandon Blake’s boat? Clue: it’s a play on the name of a popular TV show of the late 1980s, starring David Hasselhoff.

If you know, or want to hazard a guess, send me a note and the Brandon Blake audio books will be yours. Just like that. Beats the Powerball all to …