Listen to Jack McMorrow

Hey all:

Greetings from the frozen northland. Minus-17 this morning and wind at 9 mph out of the west. Yesterday the temp peaked at zero, but it was the wind that put a nip in the day.There’s cold and then there’s the wind.

Popping in to let you all know that we’re moving forward with putting the McMorrow novels out as audio books. STRAW MAN and DEADLINE are up. Producer Michael Smith is hard at work on BLOODLINE. Mike tells me there are 32 speaking characters in that one, and two or three incidentals. Huh. That means I’ve created about 360 characters in 11 McMorrow novels. With No. 12 underway, I’ll be hitting 400 this year.

Who would have thought?

In any event, if you’d like a free copy of either audio book, I have a few coupons left. Shoot me an email at I’ll fix you up.