Listening to McMorrow, THE DEAD SAMARITAN, and Editing RANDOM ACT

Listening to McMorrow, THE DEAD SAMARITAN, and Editing RANDOM ACT

Hey all:

Greetings from my neck of the Maine woods, where the summer has been especially delightful—and still there’s book news to report.

So I’ll get right to it:

LIFELINE has been released as an audio book by Anaba Publishing and producer Michael Smith. For this one, McMorrow No. 3, a young actor named Fern has been added to the cast. I think you’ll love the production—and I want you to listen so much I’m giving away free downloads. Email me at and I’ll fix you right up.

Secondly, THE DEAD SAMARITAN, a gritty thriller set in Ireland written by debut author Emily Westbrooks, is going to be released Aug. 24 by Endeavour Media. I pitched in a bit on this one but I was pleased to see that this crime-writing thing can be genetic. The story is about a young American blogger who is saved from thugs by an African man in a sketchy part of Dublin. When he tries to return the favor, he finds that the mugging was just the beginning. It’s a fast ride and action-packed read. I highly recommend THE DEAD SAMARITAN for a look at a side of Ireland you won’t read about in the tourist mags. You should be able to preorder soon on Amazon.

Lastly, I’m headed for the finish line with RANDOM ACT, McMorrow No. 12. It’s in the editing stage for release in early 2019 by Islandport Press. This one delves into Louis Longfellow’s past and the result ain’t pretty. More to come.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Stay in touch and I’ll do the same.