McMorrow has his pedal to the metal

McMorrow has his pedal to the metal

And I do, too.

Spring is looming in my neck of the Maine woods. Redwinged blackbirds are back, and a bufflehead was down at the inlet to the lake, the first bit of open water. It’s been a cold winter so the long days and shrinking snowpack are welcome—except for the time that’s flashing by.

I’m deep into McMorrow No. 12, RANDOM ACT, having reached that point where notes are slipping into the background and the story is driving my days. I have to remember not to write too fast, to let the events and characters evolve at a natural pace. There’s a tipping point where the book starts to speed up, the action comes fast and furious, and I’m less consumed by developing characters than about resolving what will happen to them.

Who survives? Who surprises? Who doesn’t make it through 350 pages? So much to consider, and with deadlines looming, so little time.

On the publication front, RANDOM ACT is to be published by Islandport Press late this year. DAMAGED GOODS should be arriving this year as well, in a cool new reissue from Islandport. And for you audiobook McMorrow fans, good news. BLOODLINE is next up from Anaba Publishing, following STRAW MAN and DEADLINE. I’ll let you know when it’s published, and the subsequent titles.

So that’s the report. Stay in touch. I always like to hear from McMorrow fans, being one myself. And remember to ask yourself. What Would Jack McMorrow Do?