Potshot, by way of introduction

Potshot, by way of introduction

“There was no Colorado back then. Not in a marijuana sense. No marijuana stores, no medicinal use. In the backwoods of Maine, where I spent some time a decade or two ago, it was just the pot growers vs. the cops. The cops had planes and helicopters and informants. The growers had woods smarts and thousands of acres and forests and fields in which to put those smarts to use.”photo (55)

So begins the introduction to POTSHOT, just released by Islandport Press. This is the fourth novel in the Jack McMorrow mystery series and it’s out in a new format, with a very cool cover—and a new introduction by yours truly.

I’m writing introduction to all of the McMorrow novels being republished by by my friends at Islandport. It’s been an interesting and fun endeavor, looking back on the stories and the ways they came to be. POTSHOT has some memorable characters: the fast-talking pot grower Bobby Mullaney, his right-hand man Coyote and his many disguises. It’s a collection of chameleons in this one, and McMorrow has to work very hard to pin anyone down. When he finally peels away the layers, it’s almost too late.

I had such a good time writing this one—plying the backroads of western Maine, the meaner streets of Lewiston, Maine, and Lawrence, Mass.—that I’d like someone else to get in on the fun. And soon.

Email me at gerry@gerryboyle.com with POTSHOT in the subject line. First two get a signed copy of the new POTSHOT. And, I hope, a few hours of adventure in the world of McMorrow.