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Spreading the Gospel, according to McMorrow

Spreading the Gospel, according to McMorrow

One of my first editors got it right. We were sitting in a steakhouse in mid-town Manhattan (my annual trek south from the Maine), talking about how to publicize the latest McMorrow novel. She said. “Advertising is okay, but you know what really works? Word of mouth.”

Pretty Dead, Islandport Press edition, 2017

I’ve never forgotten that. And today, just to liven up a snowy winter weekend, I’m putting her advice into practice, with a jumpstart.

Know someone who you’d love to introduce to McMorrow and friends? Someone who’s never met Clair, but you just know they’d hit if off? Well, send along their name and address by Friday, Feb. 17 at 11 p.m. We’ll select at random 10 people who will receive a signed and personalized copy of Pretty Dead, fresh off the press from Islandport Press. Such a deal!

In this book our man Jack is cutting a swath through Maine’s Gold Coast as he tries to unravel the deadly secrets of a politically connected summer couple. Tangling with some of the most charming hoodlums in South Boston.

Pretty Dead, Italian edition (You won’t get this one)

Here’s a taste:

Big Mick, fresh out of prison, warning McMorrow to back off in his inquiry into the death of Angel Moretti, a young woman from Massachusetts found buried in a shallow grave in the tiny town of Monroe, Maine.

“So just leave it alone. For this girl’s sake.”

“That’s the message?”

“Yeah, I mean, I don’t think it’s unreasonable, do you? Poor girl gets killed and whatever else happens to her. Twisted bastards. I’d love to get hold of ’em.”


“So, there’s this terrible tragedy and now you go rooting around in her life, gonna hang it out there for the whole world to see. The feeling is this kinda thing should stay … “

“Stay what?” I said.



“The rest of Angel’s life. Just leave it alone.”

“So who sent you? Her family?”

“It’s immaterial,” Mick said.

Want to turn someone on to McMorrow? Shoot us a note asap at gerry@gerryboyle.com

And consider it done.